What is Post Pilgrim?

What people are saying

  • "We had been talking about doing art shows to promote more local art in here, and to combine art with live music. So when [Jennifer White] approached us, it was a perfect fit.”
    Last Stop CD Shop
  • "There’s a real strength to her that I could see in her work — a real strength in the way she presents people and women, her subject matter. That’s what really attracted me to her.”
    Tove Bormes, Rug and Relic
  • "Every brushstroke tells a story — a story of her Native American and Norwegian background. Of her joy and happiness. Of her heartache and pain. Every ounce of her soul is brushed on the canvas.”
    Argus Leader
  • "One of the most important things an artist seeks to do - no matter their medium - is tell a worthwhile story. J. White's work tells a beautiful tale, spanning multiple generations of Native influence. Every piece speaks volumes to the past, present and future."
    Kale Lawrence, Author
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